Use of green space up 3000% in lockdown

23rd November 2020

The use of maps and related apps has increased dramatically as people search for their local green spaces.

A weekend article in the Guardian showed that people across the country are looking for new ways to escape lockdown and be restored by experiences in nature.

This is something we want to celebrate at Derbyshire CPRE, because when people enjoy and see the real benefit of our countryside and green spaces is when we can harness that into wanting to keep it. And that means being willing to stand up against activities or policies that threaten countryside as we know and love it.

You can discover more about the newly released and award winning Ordnance Survey Get Outdoors App which has a feature to help you find your local green spaces easily with one click,.

There are a range of other helpful apps as well as online resources like this one to help you find your local footpaths and cycleways, leaving us with no excuse not to take to the great outdoors.

If you’ve loved walking in the countryside to lift you spirits this year, why not support this important campaign to make sure Britain’s public footpaths and bridleways are saved.