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CPRE loves hedgerows

23rd November 2020

As the government announces extra funding for green spaces and tree planting, we want to also keep hedgerows on the agenda.

Hedgerows, like trees, are a vital way to soak up carbon emissions. They also provide habitat and shelter for all kinds of creatures, contributing to essential and picturesque wildlife corridors across the landscape that support biodiversity. And hedges reduce soil erosion and run-off on farming land.

CPRE has always championed hedgerows and is supportive of farmers and landowners who preserve, enhance and plant hedges. One example, featured on the BBC’s Countryfile this weekend is the South Ormsby Estate in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

The Wolds currently has an important project underway to survey, record and celebrate the area’s hedgerows as a rich local asset. Volunteer help is still needed to complete this survey.

And 2020 saw Bedfordshire CPRE successfully campaign to stop the destruction of a significant section of hedgerow on a farming property in Swineshead, where the local Mayor had recently committed to an “Action to Help Birds & Bees”.

Let’s keep caring and standing up for our Derbyshire hedgerows too.

Counting hedgerow species on a CPRE farm walk
Counting hedgerow species on a CPRE farm walk - Becca Nelson