CPRE leads coalition launching a new Vision for Planning

14th January 2021

We’re proud to see CPRE joining forces with a diverse group of influential organisations to provide much needed thought leadership on policy in response to the Government’s recent White Paper on planning.

The Government’s proposals, if adopted, would tear out the democratic heart of the planning process by reducing opportunities for local community participation, and they must be robustly challenged.

Late last year, under pressure from CPRE and others, the Government did change its ill-informed approach to calculating housing numbers and distribution. So we know we CAN make a difference when we challenge with good evidence and data!

There is still a lot to do to get us to the Gold Standard planning system we so badly need, and now is a great opportunity to influence, with more people than ever benefiting from time and respite in green spaces.

Our new Vision for Planning with input from 17 different stakeholder organisations provides an accessible “toolbox” to deliver a wide range of positive and essential outcomes as we build the homes people really need to create thriving and sustainable communities.

At its core is the need for an effective democratic and locally-led process. As well as making sure everyone has access to enjoy nature-rich countryside without having to travel too far.

Please get behind us on this critical campaign!