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CPRE Derbyshire objects to 240 new homes at Oakerthorpe

Peter Fox
By Peter Fox
21st September 2022

CPRE Derbyshire wants to ensure the countryside and access to cherished green spaces are preserved and enhanced for current and future generations.

We were approached by a group of concerned local residents about an application for a 240-home retirement village in five fields between Alfreton and Oakerthorpe.  After visiting the site, walking the footpath, speaking with local people and reading the detailed plans, we have strongly objected to this proposal.

While acknowledging the need for more specialist and supported housing for older people, we believe that on balance, this does not outweigh the many negative aspects of this proposal.  

Area of the proposed Oakerthorpe Retirement Village

Our objection

It is our view that the scale and design of the proposal is out of line with the rural nature of Oakerthorpe and would irrevocably harm the character of the landscape, contrary to the National Planning Policy Framework, Amber Valley local plan and South Wingfield neighbourhood plan.  

Amber Valley Borough Council currently holds 9.31 years of housing stock, well in excess of its required quota, and has no need to resort to building on greenfield land, let alone land which currently serves as a settlement gap between the town of Alfreton and the small village of Oakerthorpe.

Oakerthorpe area

Affordable housing

CPRE Derbyshire wants everyone in the countryside to have a fair chance in life, which means including low-cost homes to buy and rent in our rural towns and villages, however, the developer in this case has not offered any affordable housing as they claim it would not be financially viable to do so.


Access to the countryside

In addition, the development would surround a section of a rural public right of way, rather than enhancing access to the countryside as a vital and valued means of supporting people’s health and wellbeing.



In terms of biodiversity, we are concerned that the adjacent areas of woodland and nature reserve could be compromised by the proximity of such a large development.  In addition, the established hedgerows currently surrounding the site may be damaged or removed to accommodate access to the proposed site.


Our response

A decision on this application for planning permission is expected in late 2022. Our full response to this application can be viewed here: Letter of Objection

Image: Morgan-Von-Gunten / Unsplash
Image: Morgan-Von-Gunten / Unsplash Morgan-Von-Gunten / Unsplash