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Alfreton solar farm proposals – our objection

Peter Fox
By Peter Fox
22nd August 2022

We are continuing to support the campaign against a 185 acre solar farm near Alfreton.

The proposed solar farm is located on agricultural land, and we have significant concerns about the impact that this development would have.

Impact on the landscape

The development is located on agricultural land, specifically the last remaining countryside directly accessible from Alfreton.  The development would be highly visible from the seven footpaths within the proposed solar farm and in the wider rural landscape.  We also believe that Kronos Solar, the developer, has not done enough to demonstrate that hedgerows, mature trees and wildlife corridors would be protected.

Taking action

The planning application was unanimously refused by Amber Valley Borough Council in December 2021.  Kronos Solar has appealed, which means the decision will now be made by the government’s Planning Inspectorate following an inquiry to be held in October 2022.  Amber Valley Borough Council will be defending its original decision at the inquiry.

CPRE Derbyshire will be supporting Save Alfreton Countryside, a group of local concerned residents, which has been granted Rule 6 status at the inquiry. This group also includes the affected parish council, town council and Alfreton Park Community Special School.

The group are currently raising funds to pay for a planning solicitor or junior barrister to give them the best possible chance of success in getting the appeal dismissed.

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Solar farm policy

CPRE, Derbyshire is realistic about the need for renewable energy to help achieve climate change targets and we are generally supportive of well-planned development that does not harm the landscape and accounts thoroughly for local needs.  Read more about our national policy on solar farms here:

Solar panels in a field
Mariana Proenca / Unsplash