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Wellbeing Walk #1 – Cromford Canal

Lewis Townsend
By Lewis Townsend

Our series of Wellbeing Walks began on Sunday 8th August with a visit to the Cromford Canals. It’s a beautiful stretch of countryside along a wildlife-rich waterway, with an abundance of rich heritage dotted along the route.

The walk began at Cromford Wharf, and our group (comprised of members, volunteers and the general public) set off. With spells of fresh, fine rain interlaced with warm, balmy sunshine, the canal’s natural beauty shone through. It was captivating to look at, whether it was the piercing summer sun peeking through the lush and dramatic landscape, the wind blowing through the fluffy flowers of hemp agrimony, or the water droplets bouncing off the water’s surface.

Cromford Canal Walk

About a mile in, we stopped for a quick coffee at the High Peak Junction, before making our way a further mile along the canal, taking in the sights and sounds of this well-loved wetland habitat. Mallards and moorhens splashed on the surface, small fishes swam among the starwort, and pond skaters skipped over the surface. We then went off the gravel path and headed to the Homesford Cottage Tearooms, tucked just off the A6 between Cromford and Whatstandwell. There, our happy band of walkers enjoyed a coffee and a chat about all things gardens, growing, countryside, habitats and wildlife.

Cromford Canal Walk

The ‘Wellbeing Walks’ are intended to be easy-going, as accessible as possible. Through them, we want to show what the Derbyshire countryside has to offer. They’re an opportunity to contemplate, take in the surroundings, and meet fellow nature and countryside lovers. We think the first one did just that, and planning is already underway for the second walk in the series.

Here are a selection of photos from the day, and keep an eye out on our website and social media for details of the next walk!