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Renewable energy and the countryside: An online talk

By Lewis Townsend
10th May 2022

The penultimate online talk in our series takes place on Thursday 26th May at 17:30, and explores community energy visioning and renewables in the countryside.

COP26 laid bare the level of commitment we need to make globally to address climate change, and part of this is the drive towards cleaner, renewable energy.

But, as renewable energy farms increase in number, what does this mean for the countryside? How can we ensure that rural communities are empowered and engaged? And how can we best use land to meet climate targets?

CPRE’s Rural Economy and Community Policy & Campaigns Officer Christopher Hinchliff gives his insight in this timely and topical talk.

Please note: This online talk will be recorded so that as many people as possible can benefit from it.

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Solar panels on a field
Join our next online talk on renewable energy in the countryside Zybneck Burival / Unsplash