CPRE’s Manifesto for upcoming local elections

23rd April 2021

Local Elections 2021 – ask your candidates to stand up for the Derbyshire countryside – it’s easy with our CPRE Manifesto and resources!

What elections are taking place? 

On 6th May 2021 residents of Derbyshire will be voting in local elections.  This year, all the Derbyshire County Council seats are up for election – a total of 64 councillors from 8 districts across the county.  As well as the county council elections,  where Amber Valley Borough Council is electing a councillor in each of its 15 wards.  There are also elections in Derby City.

Why is this important for the Derbyshire countryside?

Derbyshire County Council has a vital role to play in protecting and enhancing the beautiful and varied landscapes we cherish.  The council is responsible for countryside management, including access to open spaces.  They also have a role in determining some planning applications, and in flood prevention and land management.  Although public transport is commercially operated, the council can support and influence the provision of public transport for vulnerable groups and on unprofitable routes to remote areas.  The county council manages the roads and public highways.  They also have an important role to play in waste management, recycling and fly-tipping.  All these services and more affect the quality and beauty of our countryside so it’s vital we ask our elected councillors to do all they can to protect and support it.

The District Councils, including Amber Valley where elections are taking place, are the lead councils when it comes to deciding what gets built where, and in protecting the Green Belt.  They have to produce Local Plans which provide a framework for where developments such as new housing take place and how many affordable houses are required.  And they make decisions on individual planning applications – vital decisions which can have a major impact on the character and beauty of our landscapes and villages.  The Amber Valley elections are particularly important because the district currently lacks an approved Local Plan – meaning the Amber Valley countryside is even more vulnerable to speculative and unsuitable development.

What does CPRE want from your election candidates?  Stand Up for Your Local Countryside Manifesto 

CPRE has produced a manifesto for the 2021 local elections, highlighting four priority areas which all candidates should be promoting to stand up for your local countryside:

  1. Countryside solutions to the climate emergency
  2. A planning system that works for people, nature and the environment
  3. Rural transport and a comprehensive bus network for rural communities
  4. Reducing litter and an ‘all-in’ Deposit Return Scheme for drinks containers

We want all local election candidates to support our manifesto – please contact your local candidates to ask them to do so!

We’d like to see all the candidates for Derbyshire’s local elections pledge their support to implement the CPRE Manifesto.  But we need your help!  Will you contact the candidates for your local district or ward and send them a link to the manifesto?  Here are all the names of your local candidates for Derbyshire County Council and for Amber Valley Borough Council.

We have prepared an editable letter for this purpose that you can download.

Make your voice heard to stand up for the magnificent Derbyshire countryside we all love and enjoy!


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