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Bake-off for our birds

As you prepare treats for the festive season – maybe it’s #isobaking this year – spare a thought for the birds.

Some bird species that were very common in gardens in the 60s and 70s are facing the challenges of decline due to factors like climate change, habitat loss and more intensive farming. These include favourites like sparrows, blackbirds, great tits and chaffinches.

Winter is a time of even greater hardship for our birds as they use lots of energy spending up to three quarters of the daylight hours foraging for food.

We can help with places for them to hide and keep warm, such as hedgerows, climbing evergreens like ivy or by leaving garden beds and borders uncleared until the spring.

We can also put out food and water for them. And if you want to give your local birds a really special treat this festive season, you can even have a go at making your own fat cakes for them – it’s really easy!


Chaffinch on frosty winter ground