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Annual General Meeting 2017

In June we held our AGM at Carsinton Water, which is celebrating its 25th year. Members enjoyed finding out about all that the site has to offer.

The meeting was attended by 26 members.  After the welcome and explanation of the day, we had a guided tour of the site from one of the rangers. This included explanations of its early construction and the way in which it had developed over the years to become a major tourist resource as well as a reservoir.
After a buffet lunch, the formal AGM took place. The Chair announced that he was standing down after five years – as he had indicated at last year’s AGM. There then followed a debate about how the Branch would continue to operate in the absence of a Chair.
Some proposals were put forward and in the discussion that followed, members agreed that we should try to operate in the following way and review the situation at next year’s AGM:
We should continue to maintain a cross county perspective on planning developments and proposals.
Hold regular Committee meetings with a ‘rotating’ chair.
Committee members (and new volunteers?) to consider proposals in their own geographic area and respond in the best way that they can.
Queries to National Office to be forwarded to our Committee email address and not to the Chair. Committee members would look at the email address for concerns raised in their own areas.
Consider linking with other neighbouring branches to fund some paid support for general administration/branch organisation and planning advice.
After the AGM, members were able to enjoy the facilities at the reservoir including visiting the wildlife observation sites, seeing the exhibition and going for walks to the sailing club area and the dam wall.
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