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Our 2019 AGM

Our 2019 AGM was an interesting and informative day.  It was well attended, with 30 members present. 
The AGM was held at The National Stone Centre in Wirksworth on June 15th. 
After arrival and coffee, we were given a conducted tour of the Centre by a very knowledgeable guide, who explained much about the geology of the area as well as the local quarrying history. It was obvious how well this was received from the many questions that were asked.
These meetings are also an opportunity for members to raise any issues with the wider branch membership and Darrell Clarke from Chesterfield asked the members to support a campaign against Fly Posting in the area. He had many photographic examples from the county. Following a discussion, it was agreed to raise this at the next branch committee meeting with a view to writing to the Strategic Director of Transport and Environment at DCC to register our concerns. 
At the formal AGM, in the Annual Report from the Executive Committee, it was explained that the role of the committee is to:
Monitor planning and development proposals
Make collective decisions and give branch comments on developments. A branch member will lead on this, make a site visit and the committee decides if to make an objection.
Respond to Local Plans consultations for all the different areas. It is a long process through consultations and drafts etc., but we have responded to all of them. 
Liaise with National Office and respond to requests and reviews. This year we have responded to the new CPRE Strategic Review. Also, National Office pass on local enquiries to us. 
Maintain the local CPRE website and Twitter account.
Lobbying, publicity, fundraising and events.
An update was also given about the various objections and comments we have made about planning developments that we thought were harmful to the countryside. We also told members about the current state of Local Plans throughout the branch area.
During the financial summary, which showed that there were still currently enough reserves to continue to operate as we do, it was agreed that we should continue to use the funds to buy in expertise to support objections and appeals.
The Treasurer was still the only officer post that has been formally filled and it was agreed that the committee should continue to operate as it had done for the past two years, ie with a ‘rotating’ Chair.
The day concluded with a well received talk by Crewenna Dymond, CPRE’s Director for Volunteering and Partnerships. She explained how she hoped that her role would support branches in their efforts to find and retain more active volunteers. She also gave an update on CPRE’s new Strategic Review. 
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