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Ashbourne Neighbourhood Plan

One of the developments of recent planning changes has been to allow communities to develop their own Neighbourhood Plans. Here we report on what is happening in Ashbourne as they start their formal consultation.

 The Ashbourne Neighbourhood Plan consultation has started. Some 5,000 pamphlets explaining exactly what the plan is about and what it means to Ashbourne have been distributed to every household.

Copies of the plan are now available in the Townhall Library and Leisure centre. This is the last consultation before the plan goes to DDDC who will then prepare it for examination and eventually a community referendum. 
The plan represents the wishes and expectations of the people of Ashbourne for;
New homes to meet local needs
New employment primarily on the Ashbourne Airfield site
Good designs
Improvements to the town centre with well-designed environmental and traffic management schemes
An enhanced town centre shopping experience
New and Improved schools and health provision
More leisure provision
Without the community infrastructure to support new housing and employment the future development of Ashbourne will not be sustainable. This is important in ensuring that the whole of Ashbourne will benefit from the new significant housing development that has been permitted in the DDDC local plan in the future.
Over the next few years the Neighbourhood Plan Group proposes the preparation of an Ashbourne Regeneration Plan based on the S106 funding which the developers have agreed to pay. They propose a partnership between the community and local government which will implement local infrastructure projects to improve the town for the future.
25 Nov 2017
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