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Recent Campaigns

In this section we showcase campaigns by local groups, the central arguments of which CPRE Derbyshire support and endorse. Here we report on development proposals at Gun Lane, Nether Heage.

 CPRE Derbyshire welcomed the Planning Inspectorate's decision to dismiss an appeal made against Amber Valley Borough Council's decision to refuse planning permission for residential development of 21 new dwellings on land to the west of Gun Lane to the north of Nether Heage. 
CPRE Derbyshire objected to the application on the grounds that the proposal would result in intrinsic harm to the countryside. The proposal was subsequently refused on the grounds that the development would result in a significant detrimental impact on the landscape and visual rural character of the locality.
In considering an appeal, we were pleased that the Planning Inspector agreed with our views that the proposal would result in unacceptable harm to the landscape character of Gun Lane.
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