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Impact of Planning Reforms on Derbyshire Countryside

There is general agreement that the mandatory 5 year housing supply requirement is pushing our planning authorities to agree to an increasing range of development proposals that they would not normally allow.

Government Inspectors are calling into question the figures that planning authorities across the country are using for their core strategies and local plans. This is forcing planning authorities to revise their figures upwards and include sites that they had previously rejected.

CPRE National Office has written about this in their new pamphlet:  Targeting the countryside, with depressing statistical details. 

Some examples of the impact in our branch area include:

• An Ashover proposal for a housing development, which is attracting fierce opposition from a well-managed and informed campaign group.

• An EIA for a development of up to 500 houses at Holmewood near Chesterfield.

• The latest formal applications list of Amber Valley includes proposals for over 2000 new dwellings across the borough.

• A proposal for 100 houses on agricultural land at Linton in South Derbyshire was allowed by the Inspector on appeal from the developers.

• Currently proposed, or in the pipeline, developments in Ashbourne that would swell the town by over 1000 houses.

It is not just houses: there is also a proposal at Denby Hall Business Park to extend onto the Greenbelt – an area much used by local people.

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