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Defra has launched this consultation on the development of an Environmental Principles and Governance Bill. CPRE Derbyshire thinks it is important that as many people as possible are aware of the implications of environmental issues which will arise once we leave the EU.

One of the developments of recent planning changes has been to allow communities to develop their own Neighbourhood Plans. Here we report on what is happening in Ashbourne as they start their formal consultation.

More Local Plans within the County are now being accepted or recommended for acceptance. Read our reports on the current state.

In this section we showcase campaigns by local groups, the central arguments of which CPRE Derbyshire support and endorse. Here we report on development proposals at Gun Lane, Nether Heage.

Two Dales: The CPRE Derbyshire view
CPRE Derbyshire submitted a letter of objection to the proposed development (Planning Application 15/00480/OUT) on the basis that this development would undermine the character and beauty of this particularly valued landscape and rural environment, and its potential impact on the remarkable tranquillity of the area. It is important that we try to address the tranquillity issue, particularly as CPRE national office has done so much good work on the subject.  A set of photos, taken by a local resident, shows the field with the view up to Halldale Woods, and another of the narrow country lanes adjacent to the site.
The Planning Committee voted against the development, against the advice of officers, at the meeting on 8th September.  We were very pleased to have been able to support the residents in their strong objections to this proposal, which, although small, would spoil the character of a very unique area.  The officers are anticipating an appeal, but we don’t have news of that yet.
ANFA: The CPRE Derbyshire view
CPRE Derbyshire submitted a letter of objection to the proposed development on the basis of its potential impact upon countryside of high landscape value (locally designated a Special Landscape Area) and that it would present an unacceptable extension of the settlement boundary into an area of otherwise open countryside, impacting significantly upon the setting of the village. CPRE have also expressed the view that new development should be led by the Local Plan and that this in turn should appropriately reflect actual housing needs within the area, rather than inflated targets caused by shortfalls in supply elsewhere within the District. 

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