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Current Structure of CPRE Derbyshire Branch

At the AGM there was a discussion concerning the future organisation of the Derbyshire Branch.

At the 2017 AGM held at Carsington Water on June 24th, The Chair, Tim Silvester, stood down after five years in the post. Despite our efforts to recruit a new Chair and other Committee posts, we were not able to attract anyone to fill these roles. This meant that we had to consider if and how the Branch could continue to operate in the coming year.

There was general agreement that the Branch should continue to operate in some form to give continuity and county wide integration to the campaign to protect the countryside of Derbyshire. A report about the discussion that took place on this subject appears in the AGM report elsewhere on the website, with an explanation of how we propose to operate in the coming year.
One important aspect of this process is to reconsider how members and other members of the public should contact us about their concerns and worries. It was agreed that all should use the Committee email address (see Contact Us).  This will be checked on a regular basis and emails will be passed on to the Committee member covering the area where the concern arises.
CPRE National Office (NO) will also use this address to pass on any queries they receive about concerns within the Branch area. NO will continue to link with the Branch through Tim Silvester, who will pass on relevant information to members and the Committee.
We will review this situation at next year’s AGM. CPRE NO will continue to try and help recruit some new people to take on Committee/Officer roles. Whilst this situation is not desirable, it was felt to be the best compromise which did allow the Branch to carry on some of its important functions and to continue to be seen as the local campaigning body that stands up for the countryside. 
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